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Discover Your Bible studies give people the tools to read, understand, and dig into what the Bible says and means. Whether you’re familiar with the Bible or have never picked one up before, Discover Your Bible is easy to understand while fostering learning and deep discovery about the Bible and ourselves. Groups meet weekly around the world and encourage asking questions, sharing observations, and experiencing God’s love in a small, casual setting.

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Genesis Part 1

We look around at our world today and see beauty and brokenness. We have fundamental questions about our world and ourselves. In the book of Genesis, we learn about the beginning of the world, ourselves, and the world as we know it today. Most import...

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The hardest times in your life may be when God does some of God's greatest work in you. The book of Ruth shows what can happen when people take God at his word. Despite overwhelming obstacles and significant heartache, Ruth and Naomi persevere to a f...

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James Cover Image


James, one of the earliest New Testament books to be written, is a nuts-and-bolts letter that takes on the deep questions of the Christian faith. Is simple belief enough for salvation? What role do good works play? What is our responsibility to our n...

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Coffee Break Celebrates 50 Years

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Discover Your Bible groups gather in more than 23 countries around the world. Discover Your Bible (sometimes called Coffee Break) works cross-culturally because leaders build the conversation based on their own context and the spiritual needs of the group.

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What is a Discover Your Bible Leader Group?

Discover Your Bible leaders are men and women who love to serve and grow with others. We provide Leaders with excellent tools and training to help others discover Jesus through his Word. With the support of the Leader Guide, leaders are encouraged to personalize the conversation based on the needs of the group. Connect with us to discover more about leading in Discover Your Bible!

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Discover Your Bible has 1,890 study groups and 15 partners world wide.